The Poodri House of nature

The visitor center of the Poodri House of nature expanded the previous activities of the Center for Environmental Education. It consists of four parts:

1. Internal exhibition devoted to landscape Odra river, where visitors will find dioramas depicting the flora and fauna of deciduous forest, near Odra and look beneath the surface of stagnant water. There are also available interactive touch panels offering detailed information about past and present of Odra river, landscape, plants and animals. There are interactive maps, interactive panoramas, photo gallery and video gallery.


2. Garden part includes exposure of geological model Odra river from mountains, meanders in the valley to the pool of stagnant water. For children there are wooden trough with running water, a water mill and toys. The area is complemented with 'Live entertainment ' familiarizing visitors with opportunities to revitalize not only the private gardens as well as public parks and open spaces. It is a set of elements facilitating the lifes of various animals - birdhouses, shelters for hedgehogs, small lakes, shelters for solitary bees and hive for bumble bees.


3. Multi-purpose hall equipped with an interactive projector, allowing use as a lecture hall as well as exhibition space.

4. Outdoor exhibition of live animals is the only part in which is accessible only with a guide. Visitors will learn about the more than 30 species of animals - particularly birds. It is a permanently handicapped animals that can not be released into the wild.

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