The Poodri House of Nature

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The landscape of the Poodri (‘River Odra’) region was formed by two powerful elements, water and man. Over the course of centuries man learned to manage the alluvial plain and to respect the water element. The result of this co-existence is a harmonious river landscape, characterised by large meadows, lakes and scattered greenery where rare and typical species of plants and animals find their home.

The Poodri House of Nature is situated in the premises of an animal rescue station operated by the Czech Union for Nature Conservation in Novy Jicin. As a part of the visitors’ centre you can find an indoor exhibition in a Baroque parish house, a garden, the handicaped animals of the rescue station and a multi-purpose hall. Through dioramas and interactive panels the visitors can be drawn into the course of events in the alluvial plain of the River Odra.

The new visitors’ centre building with its multi-purpose hall is used for environmental as well as social events; if you would like to hire it for seminars, training sessions, presentations, exhibitions or other private purposes, feel free to contact Marcela Orlova at or +420 725019922.


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