Regional Products and Souvenirs

The House of Nature offers local products, souvenirs and services.

Limestone from the Moravian Karst, Polished by Mr. Šafařík

vilem_vapenecMr. Šafařík, a keen geologist, collects stones from around all over the Moravian Karst, which he then uses to create true masterpieces by cutting and polishing them in his workshop. He unveils the hidden beauty of the stones and stories of their origin.

“The stones can hide a lot of secrets and stories about the Earth. Although a stone cannot speak, the stories are written in it. If you are able to read stones, you can get a much better understanding of the history of the Earth or at least the region you are living in.”

He is happy to share this beauty with you through the original commemorative stones which are on sale in our small regional shop.

Gingerbread Baked by Zdenka Klimesova from Blansko

IMG_5979Gingerbread. A word that is flavoured with spices, sweet and fragrant. Many will remember being young and baking Christmas gingerbread with their mothers or grandmothers, or the Easter gingerbread they brought home. Others might be reminded of a gingerbread heart of love. Gingerbread is a sweet-scented gift that always gives pleasure. It can help you express your emotions, create a pleasant atmosphere during various events or just make someone happy.


MiPoN Socks from the Village of Sloup

IMG_5981For more than twenty years now this small family-run company has been making socks, using UNIPLET Czech-made sewing machines. The company emphasizes quality, the use of traditional materials and technology.




Hand-made Soap Bars and Bee-wax Candles from Lazanky Village

IMG_5990Lavender, lemon balm with marigold, cannabis and also olive oil – these are just a few of the many ingredients used in the hand-made soaps produced by a small manufacturer in the village of Lazanky.





Fruit Brandy by Mr. Vancura from Rudice

IMG_5982Fruit tree alleys are a typical feature of the Moravian karst landscape. In the spring their white blossoms line the roads to become fruit during the summer. First there are red cherries, then blue plums, yellow pears and red apples. “Home-made brandy is simply part of the traditional concept of village life. I can remember making brandy from home-grown fruit since I was young”, Mr. Vancura says. He was fascinated by the idea of traditional brandy. That’s why he decided to produce his own brandy, with wood burnt under the boiler just like people used to do it when he was a child. With burning wood, the brandy is distilled more slowly and maintains the fruit aroma, giving it a distinct sweeter taste.

Local Literature

IMG_5986Legends and photos about the Moravian karst are available in many local publications.






Goods Produced by Blind People from Tyflocentrum Brno

IMG_5991“Our hands are our eyes and tools.”

Blind people sell their products through the House of Nature as a thematic collection aimed at the Moravian Karst. Every single product is unique. By buying any of their products, you support the HapAtelier, a special workshop which employs skilled visually-impaired people who greatly enjoy their work. Most of the products made are not visually checked and are the result of very hard work, when the employees “see” the product with their hands only. Choose one of their products as an ideal gift for family or friends.

Stained Glass from Letovice

IMG_6466Ladies in particular will like these stained glass artefacts, which will brighten up any window with their colours.





“LIFE” Wooden Cubes, Games and Toys from Blansko

IMG_5984These toys and games for children and adults smell of wood.

These souvenirs are very popular in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world owing to their quality, practicality, smooth surface and combination of hand-painted colours, surface finish and silk-screen printing.



“Ježek” Ceramic Art by Mr. and Mrs. Šilhán from Bílovice nad Svitavou

IMG_6463A wide range of ceramic art products originates in Mr. and Mrs. Šilhán’s workshop, which has a tradition dating back many years. The family business focuses on the production of visual artefacts, which currently mostly include decorative whistles, souvenirs and sports trophies. Interior design involving ceramic fountains, water walls and other artefacts is another important part of their work.



The “Speleoferrata” in the Caves of the Moravian Karst


Thanks to the “Adventure” speleoferata, produced by Speleoart, everyone has a chance to have a look into the otherwise inaccessible underground of the Moravian Karst. The adventure trail is designed for skilled sports and adventure lovers. Descend to the 40 metres deep secured cave cascade full of climb-overs, crawlers, abysses, chimneys with rope-ladders, traverses, swings and climbs that ends at the drainage siphon of a small cave lake deep underground. You will be provided with all the equipment you need and an instructor, too. A great adventure open all year round.

AKALU textile products by Lucie Kalábová from Rudice

kalabova_rudiceUnder the label AKALU you can find textile prosucts by Lucie Lucie Kalábová (born 1977 in Brno). She now resides in Rudice, Moravian karst and dedicates gerself to the production of handmade textile home accessories and decorations, bags and also felt toys. Each piece is an original, unique in it´s design and color combination, with much attention paid to every detail. Custom orders are welcome - especially for quilts, pillows and placemats.


“Macocha Cave Drops”

IMG_6465The most acclaimed bitter liqueur, made from herbs in the submontane “Čížek and Skácel Liqueur Company”.

Macocha Cave Drops have been made and used in the Moravian Karst for more than two centuries. Their taste and gastric healing power stems from the herbs which grow in the meadows and woods of this world-famous karst area. A very delicate sweetness takes the edge off their natural bitter taste. The drink is named after the impressive Macocha Abyss, 138 metres deep. The alcohol content of the liqueur is 40%. This gentle rye spirit, in which 16 native herb species and spices are steeped, has a surprisingly pleasant taste.

Artistic cast iron by Mr. Zouhar from Rudice

IMG_6971For his cast iron production, Mr. Zouhar does not use common technologies which you can see in foundries. He uses completely original methods of his own which guarantee uniqueness and originality of his artworks.

Pavel Zouhar says: “In my art objects I do not try to emphasise a detail, in contrast to other artists. I try to depict figures in a simple let’s say hybrid way, as a mixture of their movement, character, mind and also shapes emerging through my imagination. Imagination is what we miss nowadays and therefore I do not name my works of art to give a space for everybody’s own fantasy.”

 Original Wooden Bowls

IMG_5999The architect Vorel has created wooden carvings for the entrance hall of the House of Nature and the information desk. They are made from a hundred-year-old oak tree inlaid with other types of wood and decorated with leather. Anyone with a feel for art is encouraged to take home (or rather drive home) one of his authentic wooden bowls.