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About Us

Insight into the history and nature of the Třeboňsko region, entertaining and educative activities for both children and adults. Information on educative trails, and natural and tourist attractions in the Třeboňsko area. Maps, postcards, souvenirs.

This visitor centre with its permanent exhibition titled the Landscape and the People was built with the support of PHARE, the SEF and the Government of Luxembourg as part of a special project with the City of Třeboň, its Information and Cultural Centre, Administration of Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area and Czech Otter Foundation (Český nadační fond pro vydru) being the stakeholders. Placed in several rooms in Třeboň Chateau, this state-of-the-art display covers 300 square metres. It has been designed to educate visitors about the main attractions of the protected landscape area and the Třeboňsko Biosphere Reserve using popular ways of interpretation. Since 2010, the visitor centre including the exhibition has been branded House of Nature and integrated in the national ANCLP CR House of Nature network that is currently under development. In addition, the range of services was extended. 

The display area as such combines two-dimensional exhibits (photos, drawings, maps and texts) and three-dimensional models and dioramas. Designed in a modern interactive style, it features conventional display elements combined with interactive audio-visual technology so that every visitor can learn about different topics as much as possible within a short window of time. All signage and plates are Czech and English, while the audiovisual programmes are available in four languages (CZ, EN, GE and FR).

Permanent exhibition The Landscape and the People

The history of the Třeboňsko landscape

The work of the famous fish pond builders, the original castle cold storage room and the history of the Třeboň estate. Here you can learn about the history and interesting technical details of the fish pond culture in the Třeboň region, which is associated with famous names like Štěpánek Netolický, Jakub Krčín z Jelčan, Mikuláš Rutard and Josef Šusta. In addition, you can get an insight into the system of operations and economy of the Schwarzenberg noble family.

Historie třeboňského rybníkářství

Balneology in Třeboň 

The story of the spa of Třeboň, its history and present.

Příběh třeboňských lázní

The nature of the Třeboňsko area 

Getting to know the plants, animals and natural resources of the Třeboňsko area. A spacious room dedicated to typical natural habitats, protected areas and important species of flora and fauna introduces the natural environments of the region in the form of pond, peatland, forest and Lužnice River dioramas, complete with sound effects.

Příroda Třeboňska

Entertainment and Education

Exploring nature with all your senses! The video room gives you the opportunity to watch interesting feature-length films about natural systems and history of the region, with titles like "One Year in Wetlands" and "Fish Pond Harvesting - a Fisherman's Day".

Krajina rybníků