The Trebonsko House of Nature

  • Informační pult
  • Panorama Třeboňsko
  • Historie rybníkářství
  • Biotopy Třeboňska

The visitors’ centre of the Třeboňsko protected landscape area and biospheric reserve offers information about the nature, educational trails and tourist points of interest of the Třebonsko region.

The permanent exhibition entitled “Landscape and People” offers a unique view of the history of the Třebonsko nature and landscape as well as learning and adventure activities for children and adults.

The Třeboňsko House of Nature is located in the State Castle Třeboň. By the entrance you will find a small pool with a river bed simulation crafted in wood called "The Old and The New river". The House of Nature is open from May to September daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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