The Litovelske Pomoravi House of Nature

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The Litovelske Pomoravi House of Nature offers a unique outdoor gallery and an open-air playground in Horka nad Moravou. The premises serve as the natural gateway to the Litovelske Pomoravi Protected Landscape Area. The building and installations are designed to enable visitors to enjoy a sensory perception of nature and they help to cultivate people’s relationship with the nature of the Litovelske Pomoravi region. The premises feature buildings designed by the artists Frantisek Skala, Milos Sejn, Miloslav Fekar and Marcel Hubacek.

Welcome to the ‘Litovelske Pomoravi’ Protected Landscape Area, a land of floodplain forests, white snowdrops, wild garlic and the dark, mud-smelling waters of the River Morava, Moravia’s largest river, meandering in the mighty layers of sand and gravel and alluvial silts in the broad alluvial plain between Mohelnice and Olomouc. Welcome to the labyrinth of old and new river beds, interlinked with river branches, abandoned riverbeds and pools which are home to some true animal rarities, resembling Palaeozoic trilobites. They are accompanied by a colourful world of hygrophilic and aquatic plants, shrieking water birds, owls and colonising beavers. Welcome to an alluvial landscape from which the gently rolling Doubrava hills emerge, with a prominent landmark – Tresin, a limestone hill in the heart of which lie the Mladecske Caves, with the biggest snake cave in Europe.

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