The Litovelske Pomoravi House of Nature

  • Mokřady dron
  • The Garden of Eden

    The Garden of Eden
  • The Forest Temple

    The Forest Temple
  • The Solar Mountain

    The Solar Mountain
  • The Golden Spiral Campfire Spot

    The Golden Spiral Campfire Spot
  • Low-energy House

    Low energy building
  • Two Romantic Landscapes in a Single Day – excursion

    Two Romantic Landscapes in a Single Day – excursion
  • Rafting on Morava river

    On rafts to The Litovelské Pomoraví House of Nature
  • The newest castle in Moravia - excursion

    The newest castle in Moravia - excursion

Visit the unique open-air gallery in Horka nad Moravou. The buildings and installations serve as places to come into contact with nature and other people and they are open for your experience. The spaces in the open-air gallery were designed by famous Czech artists such as František Skála and Miloš Šejn. The open-air gallery is a natural gateway to the nature of the Litovelské Pomoraví region

  • Take a walk through the open-air gallery just by yourself or visit the information center and pick up the keys to the Garden of Eden and the Mountain of the Sun and Dreams.
  • Discover the secrets of the open-air gallery in a search game.
  • Come and join any of the events for parents with children or a discussion
  • Order a guided tour or even a one-day excursion.

The open-air gallery as the gateway to Litovelské Pomoraví

Take a trip to the Litovelské Pomoraví region - the countryside of woodland meadows, white snowdrops, wild garlic and the dark, mud-scented waters of the Morava River. Welcome to the labyrinth of river beds, connected by river arms and pools, where you can find true animal oddities that resemble the Palaeozoic trilobites. These are accompanied by a multicolored world of water plants, shrieking water birds, owls and beaver colonies. Welcome to the river landscape from which Třesín limestone hill rises up. Under the hill you find the Mladeč caves, with the largest snake cave in Europe.

Don’t forget to visit the information center of the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area in Šargoun, close to Litovel. Watch the 3D movie about Litovelské Pomoraví and see the exhibition of beekeeping.

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