Information Centre of the Blansky les PLA

  • kaňon Vltavy
  • PP Šimečkova stráň
  • svahy vrchu Bulový
  • pohled od Brloha na Kleť

The Blanský lest Information Centre is designed for visitors of Blanský les Protected Landscape Area and also for the local people. It provides information about the nature, tourist destinations and events held in the region.

Blanský les is situated at the foothills of Šumava, the border mountain region in South Bohemia. It is a region of forested hills in the shape of a horse hoove opened towards South-East. The highest peak is Kleť with its view tower, the oldest one in Bohemia. The upper part of the Vltava river, which you can also find in Prague, runs through this area. The Blanský les PLA is rich with landmarks and folk architecture. Some of the most famous historical buildings are the cistercian monastery of Zlatá koruna and the ruins of Dívčí kámen, the old castle of the Rosenbergs.

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