The Blanik House of Nature

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Not far from Krasovice, at the foot of the legendary Velký Blaník mountain, you can find the Blaník House of Nature. It presents to visitors the nature of the Blaník Protected Landscape Area and the national geopark called The Region of the Knights of Blaník, together with Blaník’s famous legend of the army of knights who sleep inside the Blaník mountain and only wake up when a threat to the nation occures.

The Blaník House of Nature was built in 2015 with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Environment Operational Programme. It is operated by the branch of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation in Vlasim.

Visitors will find an exhibition on the natural, geological, cultural and historical points of interest of the Podblanicko region. They can learn about the types of natural habitat in the area and the plants and animals they are home to. Children can learn about the nature and history in a playful way. The exhibition presents an interesting new look at the Legend of the Knights of Blaník. One of the brave knights is also the symbol of the Blanik House of Nature and the guide through the exhibition.

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