Overview of Activities of the House of Nature Programme

Bilnce programu Dům přírody

May 6, 2016

This programme, which builds a network of visitor and information centres in the protected landscape areas in the Czech Republic, has been running for ten years now. For more information, read the new issue of Nature Conservation magazine.

Nature and landscape conservation would be impossible without public support. This has been generally accepted in the community. One of the major forms of this support is the work with the visitors to the protected areas carried out directly on site, and the House of Nature programme has become one of the key components of its visitor infrastructure. As part of the programme, the visitor centres (the Houses of Nature) and information centres are established and operated in the protected landscape areas. This is a partnership programme run jointly with municipalities, businesses, NGO’s, owners and other regional partners. The House of Nature programme has accomplished its first stage now that the first period of drawing European resources is over and the new seven-year period is beginning. What are the prospects until 2023? You can find the answer in the latest issue of Nature Conservation magazine: