The Moravian Karst House of Nature

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Welcome to the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area, a remarkable world of white Devonian limestone, which has been eroded over millions of years by rain and water from rivers and brooks to form an aquatic underworld region. Welcome to this area of thousands of caves with huge domes with rich dripstone decoration, mysterious brooks which disappear underground, shaded karst canyons and sunlit plains dominated by Macocha, the queen of abysses. Welcome to the land whose soil is full of ancient bones and shards as evidence of the life of ancient animals and people, where until recently iron was smelted and the sound of hammering rang through the valleys.

Welcome to the landscape which has also been formed by people and their stories. A landscape which shows traces of the times of the cultural development of the area as well as from times of war. An area guarded by bats, where you can wander about in large beech forests, discover interesting rock formations and caves, simply bask like a lizard in the flowery meadows or enjoy the cool air in the deep mountain-like karst canyons.

Come and enjoy the Moravian Karst in person.

Why start your journey through the Moravian Karst in the House of Nature at Skalni Mlyn?

Our visitors’ centre will recommend interesting or less well-known places for you to visit. We can help you plan your stays and trips depending on what you are interested in and want to see. Visiting our interactive exhibition can help you learn more about the karst phenomena and stories of this karst landscape. The Moravian Karst also offers many regional products. More curious visitors and schools are invited to join our education and adventure programmes focusing on the Moravian Karst.



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